IELTS writing task 2 – Environment

Environmental issues such as climate change have always been an international problem because governments are not imposing harsh punishments against offenders. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Support your answer with specific reasons and examples.

Environmental problems like climate change have become a global concern, mainly because many governments aren’t taking strong actions against those who harm the environment. I mostly agree with this viewpoint, and I’ll explain why with some examples.

Firstly, some governments prioritize economic growth over environmental protection. They might avoid imposing strict punishments on industries that contribute to pollution or deforestation because these industries bring in money and create jobs. For instance, in some countries, factories might release harmful chemicals into the air or water, affecting people’s health and the environment. However, if these industries are economically significant, the government might not take severe measures against them.

Secondly, international cooperation can be challenging. Environmental problems often cross borders, making it essential for countries to work together to solve them. But sometimes, governments hesitate to take strict actions because they fear that their industries might become less competitive than those in countries with weaker regulations. This can lead to a lack of consensus on how to handle environmental offenders.

China’s rapid economic growth is a case in point. While the country has made progress in environmental protection, its industries have caused significant pollution. The government’s focus on growth has sometimes led to leniency towards polluters to ensure economic stability.

In conclusion, I agree that environmental problems like climate change are global issues due to the lack of strict punishments by governments against those harming the environment. Economic interests and the complexity of international cooperation often hinder governments from taking the necessary actions. However, there is growing awareness, and some countries are beginning to adopt stricter regulations and penalties to address these concerns. It’s crucial for governments to find a balance between economic growth and environmental protection to ensure a sustainable future.

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