Present Tense 1 Exercises with answers

Welcome to your Present Tense 1 Quiz

She (read) a book every evening.

They (play) soccer on Saturdays.

He (drink) a glass of milk in the morning.

The sun (rise) in the east.

We (study) English at the moment.

Cats (purr) when they’re content.

He usually (go) to the gym after work.

I (love) to travel and explore new places.

Birds (sing) in the morning.

She (work) as a teacher.

We (have) breakfast at 7 a.m.

The train (arrive) on time.

They (watch) movies on weekends.

My parents (live) in the countryside.

Dogs (bark) when they sense danger.

The Earth (revolve) around the sun.

He (visit) his grandparents every summer.

The company (produce) high-quality products.

She often (read) novels before bedtime.

I (take) a walk in the park every evening.

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